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Are you Standing with Nigeria?

Dear friends,

It had been observed that Nigeria has about 10.5 million children out of school. That’s 1 in 5 of the world’s 57 million children.

Though alarming, it calls for urgent and strategic actions from government, the private sector, international development partners and individuals – including YOU – to save this situation.

Not only is education a fundamental human right, but it is one of the most effective solutions to poverty. We cannot afford not to educate the future generation of our country – education is an entitlement, but also a smart investment.

Our organisation – All for Development Foundation – calls you to Stand with Nigeria, add your voice to this call for action for quality education for the Nigerian child.

Sign the petition here: (

Our future requires our commitment! Let’s stay committed.

Please share within your networks.

Thank you

2 replies on “Are you Standing with Nigeria?”

while i agree that every Nigerian child should have education, am deeply concerned at the Educational system one could describe as pathetic,old fashioned,and commercial driven. we are yet to have quality education with contemporary practices and i think this is what we should clamour for than mere asking for a Nigerian child to be tutored under such pathetic Educational sector.

Thank you for your thoughts, Isaac. The approach for the petition was to get students back to school and learning, and hold governments by their promise of removing the barriers that impede quality learning. Poor education is one of those barriers.

I agree that the quality of education needs to be looked into. With the prevalence of the fourth industrial revolution and the emerging technologies that characterise it, our education must be relevant and prepare our young people for the future.

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