What I am currently doing.

Hello, thanks for your interest in what I am doing now.


Joy, Inc.

I’m on the founding team, and currently, the Acting COO of Joy, Inc. We are on a mission to equip a new generation of happier, flourishing young Africans, and build warm, safe spaces across business, government and culture. To make this happen, we are building:

  • #WithChude, an on-demand multimedia platform for conversations that enable the heart, soul, and strengthen the spirit.
  • The Joy Hub [+234-THE-JOY-HUB], a national non-toll-free mental health helpline for Nigerians. 


  • I co-invest in heretic founders in Africa and support other (ad)ventures through Curiosity. This includes experiments that align with my overarching goal of contributing to the long-term future of humanity hinged on flourishing people, platforms, and policy.
  • I founded AllforDevelopment, which I led from 2009 till 2017, contributing to policy and human development.
  • I have worked on a few effective altruism-aligned work, including this ethics and governance of AI initiative at Harvard, rationality community building, and this international standard / recommended practice on the impact of autonomous systems on human wellbeing.
  • I helped co-founded VaccinateNG, and Studership.
  • I used to be a strategist at innovation hubs in Nigeria and had co-convened an innovation platform that birthed a $1m investment in fostering innovation in a state in Nigeria.
  • Previous adventures can be found here (not up to date).
  • I love to see the world – and lately have been seeing more of the hinterlands in Nigeria. It’s a beautiful country and people.
  • Currently traveling as I type this to support a dearest friend as he commits to loving another friend all the days of their lives.
Updated December 16, 2021 at Abeokuta, Nigeria. 
[This page was inspired by the amazing Derek and his /now page.]