What I am currently doing.

What I am doing now

“So, what do you do now?”
I get asked that question a lot – this page is meant to explain that briefly. I’m available to clarify when necessary.

I’m learning about and exploring some of the ideas and topics I’m interested in. Some of these include the longterm future of humanity, and the intersection of innovation, education, wellbeing, and technology. I share some of the lessons I am learning on the More! by Damola newsletter. Let me know your thoughts when you check it here.

I’m exploring – and helping others explore – what it means to be human through what we do at Joy, Inc. Working with the team to find ways to build a generation of happier and flourishing Africans. You’ll either find me building partnerships or publishing The Daily Vulnerable and The Joy List.

Advising the team at AllforDevelopment on the efforts to “collaborate with individuals and institutions to build a future that works for all, leveraging education, values-based leadership, and innovation.”

Working with other members of this working group to create a recommended practice for assessing the impact of autonomous and intelligent systems on human well-being. We believe this will guide the creation of tech/designs and policies for public interest.

On the next adventure. You can check previous adventures here.

Currently loving from
Lagos, Nigeria.

Last updated: January 29, 2020.

[This page was inspired by the amazing Derek and his /now page.]