What I am currently doing.

Hello, thanks for your interest in what I am doing now.


I am on a sabbatical, listening and learning new things. I spend most time just following my curiosity, writing, and asking questions. More on that below.

Outside of this, I’m supporting the good people at the platforms I’m affiliated with, and other interesting people I meet with the rest of my time.

Writing – the daily-ish blog
The creative in me loves the process of shipping something consistently – in this case, daily. I write to think, and codify what I’m learning. After overseeing the publishing of three different daily newsletters and a weekly one I wrote for four years, I’m back to publishing short riffs daily-ish. It’s an experiment I hope to continue until I don’t. You can read the latest ones or subscribe to receive them via email here.

Asking better questions daily
If you knew me well, you’d know about my love relationship with questions loooong since I was a child. Well, we decided to share the love. With the support of a beautiful heart, we recently launched One Today to join the array of other tools to help anyone interested in getting a daily question to clarify your thinking and make better decisions.

No fluff, no noise, just one quality question daily. Each question has been helpful for me and the 300+ people who engage with it daily. I hope it’s valuable for you too. Check it out, your first week is on the house.

Pleasantly surprised by this, Chude. Thank you.


One of the benefits of traveling is that I meet a cocktail of beautiful and fascinating people. In 2023, I have been hosting the CuriosityU, an invite-only unconference for curious, conscious, and awesome people to compound in wisdom and trust. We’ve done this in Mexico and Zanzibar. Tell us who to invite to the next one.


When responsibility calls, I contribute independently through Curiosity. When led, I co-invest in founders and platforms enabling a flourishing future for all. This aspect is passive these days. Curiosity serves as a holding for my investments, consulting, experiments, collaborative projects, and initiatives that align with my overarching goal of contributing to the long-term future of humanity hinged on flourishing people, platforms, and policy.


I’m exploring the idea of micro residency; this is when you live in a location for between one and three months. During this period, you immerse yourself in the local culture and build cultural intelligence and wisdom. Then, you repeat the cycle in a new location – preferably one with a different cultural perspective from the last. I’ve done versions of this in a few places across 3 continents. Thinking about where to live next. Let me know if you have a great recommendation.


Sometimes, the experiences from some of the things I had helped build in the past come in handy – both expanding my range and helping to form unique perspectives. I had worked on the ethics and governance of AI initiative at Harvard, rationality community building, and an international standard / recommended practice on the impact of autonomous and intelligent systems on human wellbeing. I used to be a strategist at innovation hubs in Nigeria and co-convened an innovation platform that birthed a million USD investment in fostering innovation in a state in Nigeria.

Until December 2022, I was COO at a human flourishing media and teaching company ( present in the USA, UK, and Nigeria with a mission to build safe, warm spaces across business, government, and culture and equip a new generation of Africans with happiness and flourishing skills. I have been on the founding team since 2017. I still support the good people and ideas at AllforDevelopment, the development organisation I founded and led from 2009 to 2017, contributing to policy, global education, leadership, and human development initiatives.

Most previous adventures can be found here.

Updated October 18, 2023 while looking out the window in a remote part of Nigeria.
[This page was inspired by the amazing Derek and his /now page.]