Get ‘Irresponsible’ – if need be!

Sometime ago, I was challenged as been irresponsible by someone I so much respect. My ‘offence’ was that I did not obey a conspicuously-wrong instruction that was given me. I apologized for my disobedience, and reinstated my commitment to doing continually, whatever is right, regardless of who benefits (or doesn’t benefit) from the consequences of my actions.
In our journey as leaders, we will no doubt interact with people who will love your dream, love your passion, love your character and values, but dislike you when you value your values, and concentrate on doing what is right – against their wish.
If you have faced such situation, remember this; ‘You are not alone. Don’t change who you are for the purpose of being liked by someone who doesn’t value integrity’. Stay glued to your value system. Stay honest!
If doing the right thing, even when you are instructed to do otherwise, is seen as been irresponsible, then, be proud to be! If knowing and relating with your colleague/boss/subordinate as an individual, instead of just a dot on the organisation’s chart is seen as been un-professional, then, be proud to be professionally ‘un-professional’. If helping the needy is considered a jobless act; then, remember that empowering one more person makes your job less. When you are attacked for doing what is right – if you haven’t, be expectant, you will still be attacked – don’t get offensive neither should you engage in a squabble. Just remind yourself – and others – that only way we can get it right as a people/nation/continent is by doing the right things right.
The bottom line is this: Embrace self discipline, stay honest (in all situations), do the right things right, and love yourself for upholding your values! I will be proud of you, if you can do these.
Much love,


Aanu Damola Morenikeji is considered Africa’s youngest youth intellectual and leadership development advocate. A sought-after speaker on the theme of leadership and personal growth, he is a Fellow of the M121 Social Leadership Academy, U.S.A and Team Leader of All for Development Foundation [ADM-Foundation], a non-governmental organisation focused on building young people and promoting educational, leadership and youth development. He blogs at

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