3 Growth Opportunities for YOUng Influencers

The possibility for growth is always an indication that, as individuals – and aspiring influencers – we can always expand our capacity for our personal, leadership development and contribute to creating a world we are proud of.
After a personal and worthwhile encounter, I recommend the following growth-oriented programmes for committed minds, keen about taking actions to learn, grow impact and take positive actions:
1.      The Social Leadership Academy 2014 Fellowship.
The M121 Social Leadership Academy, U.S.A is designed to equip, inspire and connect aspiring world-changers and social entrepreneurs to make a sustainable impact on our world. Every year, they look for a group of passionate, thankful, energetic contributors in a like-minded community of emerging world-changers, discover ad utilize your strengths, and learn how to make a sustainable impact. Make your impact, as the class of 2014 starts in January 2014! Visit more information. Application closes in a few days.
2.      DESPLAY Africa, Season 9
DESPLAY Africa – an initiative of Youngstars Foundation, with support from National Endowment for Democracy (@NED), U.S.A – is the most consistent and longest running annual youth democracy training program in Nigeria / West Africa, designed to widen young people’s democracy education and foster active youth participation in good governance processes. Application is due on Tuesday, 31st December, 2013. For more information, click here.
3.      Studership 3.0 Leadership Fellowship
Studership is a growth-focused youth leadership programme aimed at equipping and connecting emerging leaders for sustainable development, and promoting value-based leadership. Application for the Studership 3.0 Leadership Fellowship opens in the year 2014. Details relating to the programme will be communicated later via Twitter (@all4development).
I urge you to share this information with young change makers in your circles, and more importantly, be committed to your/their action.
Much love,

Damola (@DamolaMore)

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