Our Responsibility as Humans

One of our responsibilities as concerned humans is to stir ourselves up to the knowledge of the truth, and stimulate one another to love, helpful deeds and noble activities. I quite agree that this world doesn’t need more people who are doing what they think they should be doing and staying where they are out of a false sense of obligation. What this world needs […]

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Growth Galley – Be Careful of Your Thoughts [Podcast]

Great day! It is delighting to welcome you to the Growth Galley. The Growth Galley is a periodic podcast aimed at enriching our collective growth; for us to grow right, lead right and live right. In this episode, we are exploring the creative and destructive power of thought – depending on which you choose to explore.  Click HERE to listen.I will love to read / hear your […]

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Building Productive Habits as an Entrepreneur

Productivity is key as a leader and entrepreneur. I consciously remind myself that it is not just enough to get busy, but to get busy fulfilling purpose – being productive.  Thoughts on my most productive habit as a social entrepreneur was published, along with that of other ‘successful’ entrepreneurs on IdeaMensch, under the fifth habit in the ‘35 Habits That Successful Entrepreneurs UseTo Get Shit […]

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Defining Success as a Leader [Photo]

I agree that #success is not just about what you accomplish / achieve solely in your life, it is also about what you inspire others to do. One of the best instruments to inspire / influence others positively is your ears and deeds, not only your tongue. How do you define success? ___ Let us connect on Twitter and Facebook. ADM

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Measuring Your Listening Quotient

Every great leader is a good listener. We have emphasized overtime the importance of communication in leadership development. I have learnt – through the absence of communication – how a community of vibrant thoughtful minds can become disengaged and moribund. Listening Quotient In as much as communication is important, listening is more important. Communication is faulty, if listening is phorny or ingenuine. I have witnessed […]

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Reflective Thinking: How Often Do You Think?

I know you think! And you know / think you think. However, how much time do you dedicate to reflect on your life – your actions, inactions, values, achievements, frailties, prospect and the future? How often do you examine the pace – most importantly, the impacts – you create each day? These questions remind us of the ever-dynamic need to consciously and consistently examine how […]

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Be Prepared for Leadership

A wake-up call has gone to youths to prepare themselves for leadership positions at all levels in order to make the positive changes the nation requires for development. Delivering a presentation at a 2-Day Studership 2.0 Leadership Summit held recently, the Team Leader, All for Development Foundation and a 400L Plant Physiology and Crop Protection (PPCP) student , Mr. Aanu Damola Morenikeji, described leadership not […]

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Making Your Days Here Count!

Exactly a week ago, i was sharing with some emerging leaders from across Nigeria, Ghana, Republic de Benin and Togo on ‘Integral Leadership’ at the #Studership 2.0 Leadership Summit (Pictures here). I was delighted at the radiation of ‘senses’ of commitment as we exchanged ideas, on personal growth and leadership development – revolving around vision, values, ethics, passion for continuous learning and understanding purpose. Like […]

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Do you also believe these myths about leadership?

This week, during the online phase of the Studership 2.0 Leadership Programme, we took a different approach to our discuss, as some  top myths conceived and transmitted – over time – about leadership were shared and discussed. As we grow, we had been exposed to several erroneous definition and attribute of leadership and concepts around the field. These opinions have, overtime, affected our views of, and action towards […]

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