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Studership 2.0 Leadership Programme Participants List Released

We are delighted to announce that after a careful review of several applications for participation in the Studership 2.0 Leadership Programme, motivation and resultant positive effects on communities around the world, One hundred and six (106) young leaders from thirty-eight countries have been globally selected to participate in the programme (list published on

Studership is a knowledge-based, activity-oriented and growth focused youth/student leadership academy that equips emerging leaders with leadership skills and knowledge, while broadening their understanding of personal development, leadership, sustainable change, and promoting / developing integrity and values-based leadership for practical, personal and professional application.

An initiative of All for Development Foundation [ADM-Foundation], the academy runs programmes aimed at helping emerging leaders discover themselves, deploy their own abilities, reach the height of their own capacities, refine their personalities, strengthen their leadership qualities/strategies, stimulate growth-oriented thinking and behaviour and contribute purposefully to societal development.

Important dates of the Studership 2.0 Leadership Programme, which is as follows;
  • 22nd July, 2013 – Online discussion begins
  • 29th July, 2013 – GrowthStudy commences
  • 30th August, 2013 – Submission of GrowthStudy review
  • 19th – 22nd September, 2013 – Studership 2.0 Leadership Summit in Abeokuta, Nigeria.
We appreciate everyone who applied to participate, recommended the programme for emerging leaders and everyone who had us in their prayers.

Best regards,
Studership 2.0 Leadership Programme Organising Team

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