The Gift of Nature and History

Our definition of what values define us is best integral to the order of nature – helping us learn how nature cleans itself, heals itself, transforms itself, patiently. A friend once reminded me to learn from nature. “Her secret is patience”, he concluded.

I am learning that, most times, the best thing to do is to slow down to embrace a deeper knowing and listen to each other and the natural rhythm around us.

Thought, they say, is vibration. Even when they are frittered into corners of history, they never disappear. They find their way into the present, unfolding, unleashing their strength at a pace nature decides.

When people pick up their identities from the intelligence of nature – a summation of thoughts saved up as stories, residing in places (in rocks, oceans, caves etc), they penetrate the memories and reflection of all creatures, radiating towards oneness with humanity and all sentient beings.