What My Dog Taught Me

It is a new month!
With much delight from HIS gracious throne, i graciously welcome you to yet another month, filled with new opportunities for growth, learning and living.
One of the decisions i will be faced with this week is to let go our dog, Rocky. Though somehow, this had been ‘hard’ to make, I – and others in my nuclear family – have been procrastinating the decision to let go.  The dog has become a part of the family, and we surely will miss it.
One thing is sure about all beings; we are here to fulfill a purpose. Do i hear you ask ‘what purpose had the dog fulfilled?’. Yes! He modeled the way!
Friendly and warm, Rocky – a name given to him by my younger brother, Wisdom – knows that he owes it to himself to make his days here count positively.
Some observation from his life and time is that:
h  Rocky does not miss an opportunity to keep your company and make you happy. I remember times when – if let loose – accompanies my siblings to school.
h  Rocky is loyal and obedient, though may sometimes be stubborn.
h  Rocky reassures you of its love and believe in you. That he does extravagantly with the wagging of his tail as it runs to welcomes us home. He sends the message ‘though you might have had a busy and stressful day, i’m delighted you are back’.
h Oh! This dog is persistent. If what it wants is buried, regardless of the odds, Rocky continues digging till it finds it.
h  It enjoys the ecstasy of nature. Almost every other evening, Rocky excites me, racing against the car i drive, with much fun, commitment and excitement.

image source: google

Major lessons Rocky thought are:
h  Stay happy
h  Love generously
h  Stay focused and persistent
h  Enjoy nature
h  Be obedient and loyal
h  Enjoy every moment of the day
h  In every situation, BE YOU!

Remember, enjoy every moment in this month, stay focused and BE YOU!

Aanu Damola Morenikeji is considered Africa’s youngest youth intellectual and leadership development advocate. A sought-after speaker on the theme of leadership and personal growth, he is a fellow of the M121 Social Leadership Academy, U.S.A and founder of Studership Youth Leadership Academy – an initiative of All for Development Foundation [ADM-Foundation]. He blogs at and can be reached via