Strategy Thought

Decision audit

A few days ago, we did a decision review exercise within the company. The exercise was simple: we listed out all the decisions we took in the previous year, we reminded ourselves why each decision was taken and decided – based on the outcome – if it was a good decision, poor decision, or a neutral one.

This process got me thinking about why the same may be important in our individual lives. With what you know now, what was the quality of each of the decisions you made last year?

I have a different version of this, – more targeted at who I want to be; more in the sense of the character, learning and behavior I am imbibing, and how this influences the adventures I embark on.

Give yourself this gift too.

[Update – January 23]

After publishing this post, it occurred that I should make a clarification.

It is possible to make a good decision and still end up with a ‘bad’ outcome. Sometimes, several of the decisions create lasting outcomes are those that have positive second to third-order consequences, even if they seem bad at the interim. Those decisions are results of second-order thinking.

Don’t confuse the difference. Not all bad outcomes are bad. Some good, may seem bad, so they can be good.