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On Perseverance and Little Big Things

Keep doing what you do, as long as it makes positive sense!

Over the last few weeks, I have been having conversations about ┬áperseverance, failure and excellence. I heard humbling experiences of friends and colleagues as we all shared moments where we learned from failure and not-too-good moments. When some of these people talk about the successes of what they do, it seems they had never ‘down’ moments.

Tonight, Wisdom and I were checking my cabinet, when we came across the raw hand-written manuscript of a book I wrote in 2006. Ten years ago! Wisdom did some calculations and we both screamed ‘Wow!’. I laid on the bed and smiled as my 14-year old brother read and pointed out some mistakes in the manuscript. He was equally challenged.

Have you been bothered about the mistakes you’ve made (or are making), just breathe. Breathe and breathe. Take out time to review and learn from your actions and the experiences of others.

Lessons: Keep records of the little / big things you do. Take time to review and reexamine what you do. Learn good lessons. When though time comes, remember why you set out, seek relevant lessons from others and quit not.

It works; in business and life.

July 22, 2016. Ng.

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