Are You ‘Working Hard’ or ‘Working Smart’?

Earlier today, I read an article by David Leigh Weber – author of ‘My Life Has No Purpose’ – titled ‘You’re Not Working Hard Enough!. Of course, the article portrayed an angle to the message i sent to some colleagues a few months back about working in relations to your unique strength.

I have – overtime – heard parents telling their children to work ‘hard’ and employers advising new employees on the need to work very ‘hard’. While I am not against the concept of working ‘hard’ (not hardwork), I have often stressed the need to work UNIQUELY. We all have our unique spots – some of us call it the strengths zones –; and you should work in the areas of such strengths, harnessing the uniqueness such strength convey and be the best YOU, you can be.

Working smart involves making the right moves at the right time with the right motive. Whatever you do, do it as if that’s the only thing you have to do in the world. Give it your best and ensure that value is added to others by what you do. Finally, learn from yourself and others, and have fun!

If working smart involves making the right moves at the right time with the right motive, have you been working smart?

Question: Are you working HARD enough, or UNIQUELY? What three steps should you take today to enhance your strengths? Share your comments at the comment section, and share with friends and colleagues.

-Aanu Damola Morenikeji
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