Are you 19 or under, Apply to the Thiel Fellowship

Thinking of applying to the Thiel Fellowship? Did you know that most of our fellows didn’t think they’d make it to the finalist round? You’ll never know if you don’t apply.
We want to see you move forward with your project, no matter the outcome of the application period. Here are ways we support our applicants:
  • We’ve heard from many applicants that just the act of applying has encouraged them to move forward with their ideas, helped them to think deeply about their future, set goals, and pursue their dreams, even if they did not receive a fellowship.
  • Through applicant events like the Under 20 Summit, and virtual connections on Facebook, we’re excited to help build a robust community rallying around youth entrepreneurship.
  • Applicants who receive a phone interview get one-on-one support from a mentor and can choose to stay in touch with their interviewer for continued guidance.
  • Finalists are flown out to San Francisco where they meet other young visionaries and develop friendships with likeminded peers. They also meet with the Thiel Fellowship Network of mentors and advisors. We encourage finalists to connect with as many people as possible so that, even if they are not a fellowship recipient, they can still leverage our network. Some finalists have chosen to stay in touch with the Thiel Foundation as well to get advice and encouragement along the way.
To be considered a candidate for the application you must be:
  • 19 or under by December 31st of the application year.
  • Able to submit your application in English.
  • Able to submit your application by midnight on December 31st of this year.
We’d love for you to share with us about how you want to change the world. To view the application questions before registering, please visit:

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