10 #ThingsToDo today

Today is another lovely day, with no errors yet in it. I’ll be sharing 10 #ThingsToDo today.

1. Thank God for the day
2. Work on your To-Do list. Prioritise your would-be actions and time-guide them.
3. Envision the end, from dawn.
4. Believe in yourself
5. Approach others with a smile, a welcoming ‘hello’ and a cheerful voice.
6. Add one person to your network.
7. Make a mistake – if neccesary, but learn from it.
8. Consciously learn something new. Make the unfamilar familiar.
9. Appreciate everyone that have contributed to your successful day. Be prompt to show appreciation, and mean it.
10. Take action now; do not procastinate.

Good morning.

*Question*: what else do you do today? I will love to read from you. Hit the comment button, or let’s connect via Facebook ( or Twitter (@damolamore).

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