Platform Policy

How I use social/tech channels for communicating.


You were referred to this page from one of my social channels. Thank you for getting in touch.

I am a fan of asynchronous communication. It allows me to invest undivided focus on the deep work I have committed to, to give your message the attention it deserves, and enjoy the beauty that nature is.

If you reached out through WhatsApp (yes, I returned there recently), I’ll likely see your message next weekend (I mostly check WhatsApp weekends). If your message requires a response sooner than that, I’ll recommend you send it to my email. I operate the ‘damola at this domain’ email address, a rule-of-thumb that is applicable for my work email too.

If it is urgent, please reach out to my colleague (through jeffery at allfordevelopment dot org) and they will ensure we deal.

As some of my long-term friends know, I embarked on this experiment several years ago – one that eased me off an overdependence on tech. Carl Newport shared similar sentiments in his book Digital Minimalism. You should try it too :).