Several years ago, I came to a conclusion about the work I do, why I do it, and what is meant to achieve: my overarching goal is to contribute to a future of humanity, hinged on flourishing people, platforms, and policies.

This is one of the reasons I co-created Curiosity Platforms, to support the process of incubating ideas, experiments, and (ad)ventures poised to have a positive impact on humanity. More importantly, to enable the dreams of others – especially seemingly unreasonable dreams that move humanity forward.

Our collaborators and I have helped incubate – and execute – several initiatives, a few of which include a media project that reaches at least 8 million people weekly, a job board, and a (emerging) platform to encourage more Africans to do the most good with evidence and reason, initiatives to promote values-based and conscious leadership, an international standard for artificial intelligence to prioritize human wellbeing among others. While I am proud of what we have all done individually and collectively, I am reminded that more needs to be done, and this is the best time in history to do those things. For us, and for those that will be born ages after we are gone.

I don’t know what will become of the platform over the long term, but this is what I hope for. In the short term, I am hopeful that when I look back over the next forty or fifty years, I can be proud of the beautiful platforms and ideas that we have made exist in the world, and how those things have had multiplier effects on millions, or even billions of other people. I want to see ideas we tried and failed simply because they were too ahead of their time; I want those ideas to be documented elsewhere for future generations to test out. I want to see billions of people flourishing because they have interacted with any of the things we made happen. More importantly, my heart will be filled with joy knowing that we didn’t fail in our responsibility to enable others towards progress and abundance.

Over the next few months, the focus will be on experimentation. We experiment with projects and bring them into the world with other beautiful human beings serving as co-founders and partners. We co-invest in platforms that are working towards creating the beautiful world we seek. We see the world daily with fresh eyes and curiosity – both of a child and an alien.

We are building a future we want to be proud of with curiosity. Let us do this together. Just say hello via hello[at]

We need you.