Damola Morenikeji

Damola Morenikeji is interested in the future of humanity hinged on people, platforms and policies.  


He is founder of AllforDevelopment, which collaborates with individuals and organisations to build a future that works for all, leveraging the interest in education, values-based leadership, innovation and development. He is also on the founding team of Joy, Inc. a human flourishing company equipping young Africans with happiness and resilience skills. Joy, Inc. is on an ambitious mission to transform Sub-Saharan Africa into a mental, emotional and spiritual safe space, and build a new generation of happier, flourishing young Africans.

He had also led strategy, innovation and research at two innovation / collaborative spaces in Nigeria, co-led global education initiatives and contributed to the ethics and governance of artificial intelligence for societal interest initiative as a Berktern at Harvard University. He has spoken at / contributed to fora including TEDx, World Economic Forum and the United Nations.

Damola has been a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts (RSA) (2017), a Zurich Scholar (2019), Fellow of the Obama-initiated Young African Leaders Initiative RLC (2015), Hive Global Leader (2017), Fellow of the Common Purpose UK’s Global Leaders Experience (2017), Fellow of the Social Leadership Academy USA (2013), DESPLAY Fellow (2012), Global Youth Ambassador (for education) (2014) and recipient of the 2016 African Youth Award for Excellence in Leadership, Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award (by Junior Chambers International Abeokuta in 2016), and semi-finalist, Thiel U20 Fellowship for social innovators (2013), among others.