I’ve been ‘lucky’ to work on some interesting projects, a few of which are highlighted below:

Creations from my experiments at Curiosity
> AI Safety Microgrant ( [2022]
> African Priorities ( [2022]
> WOW decks – card game and questions promoting conscious reflection, play, and leadership [2022]
> Curiosity Fund – co-investing in founders contributing to a prosperous society [from 2020]
> Ideas on the future of mentorship and most important skills for the future – delivered at TEDx platforms [2017, 2018]

Creations from my work at Joy, Inc.
> The Joy List: a weekly publication about what I learned/read about leading a joyful and flourishing life that week [2018 – 2022]
> The Daily Joy and The Daily Vulnerable books: two daily meditations meant to help readers embrace the fullness of their humanity.
> MADA Network: one of the largest networks of professionals and influencers in Nigeria giving voices to mental health. [2019]
> #WithChude: an on-demand multimedia platform for stories and conversations that enable and strengthen the heart, mind, and spirit.
> UcheHealth: a learning and therapeutic platform that gives people the practical tools they need to solve their personal problems, including resources for dealing with grief, loss, depression, suicide, toxic religion, and relationships.
> Joy: For Leaders: an experiential training for senior executives based on lessons we’ve learnt about promoting conscious leadership in organisations.
> Joy: For Teams: a programme/consultancy for companies, not-for-profits, and other organisations concerned about building teams that are happy, positive, and high-productivity. 
> The Joy Hub [+234-THE-JOY-HUB]; a mental health helpline and safe space for Nigerians dealing with anxiety and depression to heal. 
> The Nigeria Prize for Difference and Diversity [2020-2021]
> Awaiting Trial: a documentary film focused on police brutality and the criminal justice system in Nigeria [2022]

Creations from my work at BKC-Harvard
> Africa and AI, Now and the Future: a reflection based on my work at the Berkman Klein Center over the summer [2017]
> AI and Inclusion symposium: happy to have provided preliminary support at the initial planning stage of this project [2017]
> [redacted]: an illustrated children’s book on understanding artificial intelligence and making it work for public good (unpublished) [2017].

Creations from my work at AllforDevelopment
> Curiosity Lab: an experimental space in partnership with Curiosity.Africa to experiment with fresh social innovation ideas.
> Founded The Goodnews Letter, a media platform spotlighting interesting people and positive energy in the world every week.
> International Standard / recommended practice on assessing the impact of autonomous and intelligent systems on human well-being [2018-2020]
> Studership: a value-based leadership accelerator that identified, connected, and equipped high-achieving emerging leaders from under-resourced environments committed to driving change in their communities/countries. It attracted over 200 participants from 35+ countries [2012-2015]
> Intergenerational Partnerships at the UN: made commitments to, and advised projects promoting intergenerational partnerships to promote innovation at a meeting hosted on the floor of the United Nations [2017]
>UpforSchool: collaborated to jointly and deliver 10 million signatures to the United Nation Secretary General making it the biggest education petition in history. In response, UN member nations made commitments to remove barriers preventing young boys and girls from getting an education. [2014-2015]
> Youth Roundtable on X: a theme-based roundtable conversation that led to policy recommendations on each theme [2013-2015]
> A variety of global education initiatives and platforms which I contributed to as a global youth ambassador with AWorldAtSchool – along with other ambassadors, including Malala.

Creations from my works at innovation hubs/communities
> [Redacted] – a tech summit and challenge that received a 1 million USD commitment to building an innovation hub in a Nigerian state. [2018]
> SMEClinic: hosted a weekly startup clinic series on Nigeria’s first leadership and entrepreneurship radio, SweetFM [2016-2017]
> Digital Skills for Africa: helped train a few thousand young people on digital skills [2016-2018].
> a short-lived job-hunting career bot I collaborated on in 2017. This became a finalist at Stanford’s Tech Entrepreneurship MOOC’s Pitch Battle. We later decided to discontinue the project.
> Served as advisor for new projects within the hubs